5 Surprising but Proven Ways an Agency Can Save You Money when Media Buying!

Media buying can be a dizzying exercise for many business owners and in-house marketers. With tons of marketing channels all vying for your advertising budget, a straightforward path to reaching your customers and the highest ROI isn’t always clear. Advertising on traditional media platforms like TV or Radio work great for some companies, but what if your customers have migrated to Facebook and Instagram, vice versa, or somewhere else entirely? Do you have the data and experience to make the best decisions and reach your customers at the lowest cost?

Insanely Easy Way to Turn 1 Video into 20+ Pieces of Sweet Content Marketing!

It’s hard to beat the effectiveness of video as a content marketing tool. However, consistently producing high-quality videos can be real drain on your team’s time. – Depending on the video, there might be an outline, a script, storyboards, multiple shoot days, and multiple edits that all require feedback. It’s easy to get frustrated, decide video will take too much time, and fail to see how it is building your brand.

6 Reasons Video Marketing Is the Smartest Investment in Your Business Right Now!

Video marketing has exploded over the last 10 years and the uptrend isn’t going anywhere soon. The proliferation of social media networks and newsfeeds have made video an essential marketing tool that every business should be putting resources behind. Small and medium-sized businesses have the most to gain through marketing with video content because it can reduce their customer acquisition costs to pennies.