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Pacific Sky provides media design, development, and analysis. We create and print designs. We create and code web designs. We shoot and edit video. In short, we get your message from idea to audience.


We work with you to discover what you already know: what you stand for and where you want to be, then we crystallize those ideas.


An identity should flow out of a clear vision of your brand. A logo is just part of the identity that represents who you are and what you believe.


Whether it’s your website, letterhead, video spots, or print ads, people should instantly recognize your brand. We make that happen.



Our first introduction to Pacific Sky was focused on rebranding our career technical education programs. It was through this successful initiative where our partnership continued to grow. Pacific Sky is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients by listening, drafting, producing, creating, editing and delivering a final product which exceeds original conversations. The professional work produced by Pacific Sky was showcased at several regional meetings and soon after Pacific Sky was contacted by several neighboring colleges. We are fortunate to have Pacific Sky in our community and we are excited about their ongoing local work and with our North-far-North region colleges ( 15 colleges North of and including Sacramento).

Eva Jimenez, Associate Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development - Shasta College

The team at Pacific Sky has successfully developed all project branding and marketing material needs for Adult Education Pathways. With extensive experience in brand development the team at Pacific Sky perfected every aspect of our public communication. They consistently care about delivering projects in a timely manner and never cease to exceed expectations.

Blaine Smith, Grant Project Manager - Adult Education Pathways