Todd Davis


In 2011, Todd had a desire to find a marketing agency that could handle the launch of one of his many businesses. He found that many of the local marketing companies usually focused on one, maybe two, services. Without successfully finding what we was looking for, he started what is now called Pacific Sky. In 2015, he took his company and made it a employee-owned company. Pacific Sky was among the first marketing agencies in Redding to have everything under one roof. Todd is also famous for his Margaritas, which coincidentally is also his favorite snack. Yes, drinks can be snacks m’kay? Biggest fear: Karaoke.

Adam McElvain

partner/director of video production

Adam has over 20 years experience in website design and video production and has been with Pacific Sky since 2013. He brings a wealth of experience to the team, and has worked on media campaigns in multiple fields, to include: commercial, not-for-profit, political, and public service, with an emphasis in video production. His strengths include developing strategy for comprehensive multi-media campaigns and singing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Adam also strongly believes that Christopher Nolan was the only director to do Batman justice. So basically, Christophen Nolan is the Batman of Batmans. Biggest fear: Sharks

Matt Christensen

partner/web director

Matt is a co-owner and has been the senior web developer at Pacific Sky since 2012. His love of design has gained him years of experience in photography, graphic design, print design, and web design. His ability to balance creativity with coding has given him the cutting edge in our industry. He is driven to stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology and design, ensuring our clients are given the best product possible. If Matt looks too cool to be a web coder, just know he wanted to be an entomologist as a child. But don’t ask him to talk about it publicly. Biggest fear: Public speaking.

Bret Christensen

partner/marketing director

Bret is one of the founding partners of Pacific Sky and serves in the roll of Marketing Director and Project Manager. His background is entrepreneurial in nature; he has been a professional photographer, business owner, and public speaker. In these roles he has 30+ years experience working with ad agencies, marketing firms, businesses and Fortune 500 companies. In another life, Bret would like to be Jason Bourne, eating cheetos, and listening to Grand Funk Railroad. But for now, you can find him managing this bunch of creatives and connecting with clients with an ever so slight southern accent. Biggest fear: filling out personal bio questions.

Katie Miller

web designer/graphic design

Katie graduated from San Francisco State University with her BFA in Painting & Drawing. Using her fine art skills to transition into graphic design and brand management, she spent 10 years designing in the SF Bay Area before moving into web design. She brings an artistic eye and passion for organization to design challenges because, well, the dream of winning the gold medal in gymnastics didn’t last past age 8. Asking her to choose a favorite color is like asking if wine is delicious. The answer is “yes”. Biggest fear: Beef stroganoff.

Jesse Moffett

ux designer/graphic designer

Jesse has 19 years of experience & a strong passion for how design, typography, and symbolism shape user experiences. While working in the Bay Area he had the opportunity to work with large Ad agencies and brands such as Audi, Nike, MSN and many more. Simple designs that highlight the core message are the keys to Jesse’s design heart. Other keys are; Chips, salsa, his cat and the outdoors. Biggest fear: Spiders

Erik Janiszewski

sales & business development

Erik is a bit of a creative chameleon. He spent over a decade working in video production and motion graphics before making the leap to photography. He has launched several businesses that have allowed him opportunities to produce content for industry leading commercial clients, government organizations, broadcast television, and even serve as a professor of digital media. Known for his impeccable taste in all things delicious, Erik thinks ice-cream Twix bars are a work of genius. He plans on completing an Ultra-marathon someday. Biggest fear: Snakes because “They’re like slimy, dangerous noodles”.

Danny Jones

cinematographer/video producer

Danny has over 13 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked with such companies as Animal Planet, ABC, PBS, ITV, Bethel TV and many other companies doing live broadcast, commercials, documentaries, music videos and movies. If you found him singing karaoke it would be “Paradise City” by Guns and Roses even though Danny dreamed of being a professional rapper as a child. That, or a detective. So pretty much he just wanted to be awesome when he grew up. Good thing he settled on Cinematographer. Biggest fear: Clowns